Here's what clients have said about working with Kory and TrafficCraft:

“I brought Kory in to help grow our business because he has one of the best marketing minds anywhere, he gets results and is a pleasure to work with.

If you have a chance to hire him - do it!”

~Joe Schriefer
Agora Financial

(From left to right: Rich Schefren, me, Todd Brown and Joe Schriefer in Joe’s office in Baltimore)

“…Kory’s a gentleman and a true entrepreneur devoted to helping as many other entrepreneurs and companies as possible.  Kory wants what's best for his clients and I, for one, would trust this man with my business.”

~ Gary Goldstein
Author, Business Advisor
Hollywood Producer

"Kory showed us several next-level strategies for scaling our business that blew us away. He brings a deep level of experience and doesn't dish out the same recycled, cookie-cutter advice you hear from other gurus.

If you're serious about growing with paid traffic, do yourself a favor and get on a call with him. He'll open your eyes to what's possible."

John Chen & Hersh Shintre

"Kory is a smart marketer who understands how to make money online.

I hired him to help me with a recent product launch and together we sold 1,000 copies of my new audio program in 72 hours.

I highly recommend Kory to anyone looking for a boost in their business. He's professional, easy to work with and he knows how to get results." 

- Joe Vitale
Star of the movie "The Secret" and author of more than 50 books, including the best sellers Zero Limits and The Attractor Factor

"Kory's deep knowledge of marketing, technology, business strategy, and insightful questions saved me nearly $100,000 on our first call together."

- Kevin Breeding
Executive Creative Director
Bigham Agency

"With Kory's guidance my sales doubled in just 6 months. He has a deep understanding of marketing and knows how to get measurable results. If you have the opportunity to work with him, I recommend you take it."

Christine Kloser